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Specializing in the production of plastic & metals  rapid prototype and 3D printing、sheet metal、 fixture etc.. Best to help our customer lower development costs and shorten development  time,to achieve "win-win" is our service tenet.
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3D printing is one of the rapid prototype techniques ,it is based on digital model and use adhesive materials of metal powder or plastic etc. ,then use laser technique of constructing objects by layer by layer. 3D printing often used in mould manufacturing, industrial design etc. or manufacture some finished products .But the hardness of plastic prototype is relatively fragile make the 3D products usable range is limited.Our 3D printing type:StyleTechnologyMaterialTolerance rangePhotocuringSLAphotosensitive resin+/-0.02 mmPowderSLMtitanium、stainless steel、aluminum etc.+/-0.02 mmSLSABS、PC、PA、metal powder、etc.+/-0.02 mmExtrusionFDMABS、PLA etc.+/-0.02 mm3D printing application:●Visual prototypes for photo shoots and market testing●“Show and tell” parts with smooth surfaces and fine details●Pr...
Vacuum casting is use a original sample to make a silicon mould and then pouring PC material to inside in vacuum environment,which cloned the same one of the original model.The products make by vacuum casting have high quality and precision, comparable to injection molded parts.Vacuum compound is especially suitable for functional testing,market promotion or low volume production of parts.Specification vacuum casting used materials: VACUUM CASTING MATERIALtypeproductspecialtycolorhardnessdistortion temperaturerange of applicationsimilar ABS8150Physical performance is good,Fast curing speed,High precision of finished product,easy to painting,Let the mold has longer working,white, yellower80D70Confirm finished product of shape and intensity, low-volume production.PX100PX...
Sheet metal mean is a synthetical cold working technology,Thicknesses can vary significantly; extremely thin sheets are considered foil or leaf, and pieces thicker than 6 mm (0.25 in) are considered plate.It includes shearing, punching / cutting / compounding, folding, riveting, splicing, forming (such as car body) etc.Its remarkable feature is the same thickness of the same parts.Sheet metal has the advantages of light-weight, high strength and electric conduction (can be used for electromagnetic shielding), low cost, mass production with good performance, widely used in electronics, communications, automotive, medical equipment and other industry, such as computer chassis, mobile phone, MP3, sheet metal is an indispensable part.With more and more extensive application of sheet metal, she...
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DongGuan ZhongDa Model Tehnology co.,ltd. flexible use of CNC machining、 3D printing、vacuum casting、sheet metal etc.,specializing in the production of rapid prototype. Since established, our company with many domestic and foreign automobiles and industrial design companies and toys and home appliances manufacturers together finished various new product’s sample development, structure verification, function realization, etc..

With a professional mature technical engineer team and production staffs, we are familiar with all kinds production technology to complete the products quickly and accurately. Our prototype can perfect give expression to the designer's design concept.

“Turn your creativity into reality is our responsibility, Time is credit, Good price is competitiveness.” is our business philosophy. Help our customers save development costs, shorten development cycles and reduce risk. Welcome Chinese and foreign friends to visit our company to further discussion, I believe that our professional technology can help your extend business’ scope, and achieve win-win situation.

Our main service industry:

1.IT Digital: notebooks, handheld computers, digital cameras, PDA, mobile phones, e-books.


2.Electronic home appliances: display device, humidifier, juice machine, vacuum cleaner, air-conditioning panels.


3.Cartoon toys: cartoon characters, animation, peripheral products, miniature models, model aircraft. 


4.Medical beauty: medical equipment, beauty tools, nail tools, fitness equipment. 


5.Model war industry: protective mask, high-precision machine products. 


6.UnionPay security: cash registers, cash point, tax control machine, speed meter, 3G camera. 


7.Car traffic: car headlights, bumpers, seats, electric cars. 


8.Architectural Exhibition: building model, concept building, exhibition hall layout, display pattern. 


9.Craft jewelry: PMMA crafts, embossed crafts, ornaments, archaize appliances. 


DongGuan ZhongDa Model Tehnology co.,ltd.
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